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Investing in properties in Hebbal makes sense Investing in properties in Hebbal makes sense

Once famous for its lake, Hebbal a northern precinct in Bangalore is better known for its residential projects. Builders have been constructing many apartments in Hebbal and most of them are ready for occupation. There was a time when Hebbal was the outside limit on the north of Bangalore. This changed with the coming of the Bengaluru International Airport

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Property Guide

Guidelines to follow when investing in plots Guidelines to follow when investing in plots

Land is a high risk and high return investment that offers flexibility in construction and design, but many buyers deter from investing in land as there is a lot of uncertainty associated with it. In this situation, buying plotted developments from a property developer is a viable option that offers the benefits of land as

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Home Loans

Five reasons to invest in property this festive season Five reasons to invest in property this festive season

The festive season from September to March, augurs well for the Indian customer, who is given special discounts and a whole host of special offers especially designed to attract and entice him. For the prospective homebuyer however, the festive season of 2014 is an especially exciting season. The cloud of financial gloom and uncertainty that

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How to build a low cost gym at home How to build a low cost gym at home

Regular exercise keeps a body fit. A fit and toned body gives you a sense of satisfaction and a state of well-being. You look good and feel good. Your clothes fit better on you and you walk tall. Besides, a healthy body is less prone to diseases. These days due to our lifestyle and the

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Media News

NRI investments NRI Investments in Indian Real Estate a Boon Or a Bane

The depreciating rupee has made real-estate investment in India more attractive for NRIs than ever before. It guarantees a good bargain today knowing the efforts Indian government is undertaking to stabilize rupee value and arrest its further slide. With many builder’s looking to liquidate inventory offering attractive OFFERS and DISCOUNTS, NRIs are in for better

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